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Zara TRF Top and Zara skirt, Diesel leather jacket by Nicola Formichetti, Givenchy bag, H&M gold plated boots, Westward Leaning glasses, Nordstrom iPhone case, Pet Pigeons Jewelry bracelet, Brandy Melville moon rings


While on my trip to London, I was so inspired by the bold fashion choices made by the locals. It seemed like nearly everyone walking by was dressed to the nines, whether they were simply on their way to work or en route to the nearest pub for an early drink. I experimented taking on the London “local mentality” by taking this outfit to the extreme of what I would consider a “dressed to the 9’s” outfit. Studs mixed with black + white patterns, neons with gold, logo’ed Tee, ripped stockings. What amazed me was how confident I felt in what would normally seem like an embarrassing outfit. Fashion is a personal choice based on risk and expression of personality. When we let go of our idea of what other people will think, new trends form and society’s standards change on what is acceptable and “cool” to wear out. Hats off to all you fashionistas out there who set trends on a daily basis!

Try this experiment. Put together an outfit that you would normally never think to wear. Mix patterns, old stuff with new, boring with crazy! Own it. Wear it out to Starbucks or lunch with a friend and see if you experience a spike in confidence. I can guarantee you someone will comment on how great you look.

xxx, a

Photos by CHaynes



I may not have been many places in my certified “good girl” life, but I’m callin’ it that London may be one of my favorite places ever for a very long time for 3 reasons.

  1. Every single person is so insanely friendly it actually makes me want to strive to be a better person.
  2. You get to drink out of a treasure chest. (explanation below)
  3. One of the few places where you can experience the feeling of being somewhere completely new and exciting without having complete culture shock due to language barrier. Colt and I collected all sorts of new terminology we love to annoy our friends back home with: flat vs. apartment, gettin’ punchy (a sort of aggressive partying), and mate!
Here’s a few pics from my days in Londontown.
xx. ally
London Scenery

Just arrived! Taken on the drive from the airport to the Grosvenor House hotel.

Wine and Fruit

A beautiful welcome of aged white wine and fresh fruit to kickstart the trip.

Savile Row

It was so awesome to see Savile Row where some of the biggest designers and tailors got their start.


More amazing architecture.

Oxford Circus

Incredible shopping at Oxford Circus.

mannequin posin'

Just posin’ with the rather tall Belinda the mannequin <3



Girls and tongues

They made me do it! #BGM

Gieves and Hawkes

So proud of Colt! His first fitting at Gieves and Hawkes – who make all the royal uniforms for the Royal Family, British Army, and Royal Navy.

Treasure chest

Definitely a highlight of the trip – dancing our FACES OFF at Mahiki. Clubbing in London is a whole new experience: it’s actually FUN! Here we are drinking champagne infused with tropical fruits out of a treasure chest. A TREASURE CHEST.

Old Friends

Old Friends.

New Friends

New Friends.

Diva moment.

Made him carry my bag. Having a diva moment. He loves it.

Victoria + albert museum

There’s just something about a day at the museum in a new country that really makes you feel like you’ve soaked up some of its true history and glory. You leave feeling more connected to the people, with a better understanding of who they are and how we can relate on one universally beautiful thing: art. Art comes in all cultures and is such a window into the soul of the people. Here’s some pics from our few hours at the Victoria and Albert Museum (or called the V&A for short) .


Natural History Museum

Took this pic as we walked by the Natural History Museum. Must go inside next time!

Mr. Dinosaur

Mr. Dinosaur in the grand foyer

sweet buns

Always down for some sweet buns.

Museum lunch

The best kind of lunch. Take and go! Mozzarella, basil, and salami baguette with fresh pressed apple juice from the museum cafe.

Haphazard tourist

A good tip for haphazard tourists like me.

Ed and Colt

We had the best tour guide and new friend, Mr. Ed H! Thanks Ed for the lovely day.


The Gloucester Candlestick

Stained glass

The stained glass is an absolute must see in person. The coloring is impeccable.

Christ Riding on the Ass

Work titled: “Christ Riding on the Ass”…no literally.


Love the photobomber dude is rockin’ the same pose as C. Made me laugh.

Gothic architecture.

Love the ornate gothic look.


Rodin’s first large sculpture – 1876

Gym motivation

What I now look at every day before I head begrudgingly to the gym. Sigh.

Royal beanie

The original beanie for royal hipsters.

Not sure..

I’m just gonna be honest here. I have no idea what this is.

Royal flower crowns

Where Coachella kids got their style.

Modern art

Laptops are considered relics now? Shit, I feel old.

Ring circle

One of each, please.

More tea

More tea, because….well, it’s LONDON, DUH!

Off to London + Paris


It’s really true. I’m flying to London today. Pinch a girl because this can’t be real life. I think I’m stuck in a Nora Ephron film because this is far too beautiful of a story to be real life!

Trav took me to brunch at Aroma       before going to the airport!

May I first just start off by saying British Airways is really really great. The jet was huge; two stories and clean. They play classical music as you board which makes you feel half “Iggy Azelea fancy” and half “like you’re having a spa day with the “Bridesmaids” girls (without the shitting moment) moment”. Ladies in perfectly tailored skirts and hats are there to greet you and provide you with enough beverages to do away with the hangover of a newly 21 year old frat boy. Water, soda, coffee, then tea, and soda. Start all over again with mini wine bottles. Juice. Repeat all until you K.O. from overhydration. At one time I think I had five full drinks on my teetering baby tray. Hour 6 they bring baskets filled with fudgesicles. I feel like I’m adult trick or treating…the rules stay the same; you take one from the basket. Best part is: you don’t have to move at all (lazy grownups!).

-Everyone has British accents which makes everything more relaxing and pleasant. Although an elderly British lady behind me keeps yelling for things which seems to be irritatingly cancelling out my point.

A good ale never hurt nobody.

At the moment I’m having trouble popping my eardrums due to the altitude but beyond that I’m about 5 hours into the flight and doing superb.
A few things:
-Watched “Her” by Spike Jones. Incredible film. Highly recommend although AGAIN I’m probably one of the last people to see this award winning highly popular film. Last minute Joe. Or would it be last minute Jane?
Loved ScarJoe’s line: “The past is just a story we tell ourselves.”
Oh and Trav if you’re reading this there’s a little white creature character that I know you will say that I remind you of.
– “Something Blue” by Emily Giffin and “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris are my travel buds. Thought they seemed fitting as one takes place in London and the other in France, respectively.

They pose ever so nicely.

– Also just finished “That Awkward Moment”. Yes, that one with Zac Efron and the kid from The Wire. Ended up being cute but took me a bit to get into. I always like to watch these “dude comedies” seeing as I grew up as the only girl with two older brothers. It provides a weird sense of comfort to watch guy humor parlay into some story about a playa not playin no more. The girl that won him over and changed him for good. That old song and dance. Unfortunately, it felt like the three guys were trying super hard to create that raunchy guy banter and (for me) it just came across a little forced. But I still enjoyed it.
– BTW: LAX got some sort of crazy refurbishment (is that a word-ishment?). My gate was literally in the middle of some freakishly beautiful new mall with mostly all duty free shops. Yay now you can get your Ferragamos and Gucci bags for only 2 Gs instead of the regular 5 (note my sarcasm)!
A huge line of about 50 people built up by the gate and I thought we were boarding early only to discover that it was all the shoppers picking up their duty free items they had bought. I get it now. Show up early and pack light so you can shop at the Mall of America located centrally right smack dab in the middle of the airport. Genius! The guy who thought of that must be sittin real pretty right about now McDuck style.
        Sitting at my gate admiring       couture from a safe distance. 
Uh, oh the pretty ladies in hats are comin’ round again with mini bottles of red wine gotta go. Xo
P.S. Will blog again when I have wifi.
P.P.S. Colton really is a fairy Goldman. (My autocorrect just turned godman into Goldman and I thought it way too fitting to even correct it.)