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This Sunday I was finally able to check something off of my lengthy (and getting lengthier by the days…) “To Do” List by dining at the new garden rooftop restaurant Commissary from chef Roy Choi. Roy is quickly becoming one of my favorite chefs due to his rather inventive and fun dining experiences. I was first hooked when I ate at Pot, a Korean hot pot spot turned on its heels and his original restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel. I met up with my best friend David at the Line Hotel in K-Town and we had a chic yet simple lunch inspired by fresh ingredients and surrounded by “oh so adorable” decor in this Instagram ready greenhouse.
Really. I dare you not to take an Instagram while you’re here.

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The menu is fun and quirky. Roy clearly states that he wants the experience to almost be like a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” by randomly picking singular ingredients that will act as the star of the dish, without knowing what the chef will actually create with them. David and I are really bad with options, but after a quick chat with our waitress who literally (and impressively!) knew every single description of every ingredient, we got a little cheat sheet explanation and ended up choosing Deviled Eggs, Asparagus, and The Burger and Fries. All were amazing. Next time I want to try RadishScallops, and Corn (which apparently is the bestseller). I have to say surprisingly, that the deviled eggs were an absolute standout. They were phenomenal.

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 The asparagus was perfectly cooked and drizzled with a tangy kale dressing and fresh parmesan cheese. Deliciouso!! The burger was Kobe beef with arugula and jam spread. Enough said.
The dessert we chose was the Stone Fruit choice. It was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted and we were both left wanting more. I couldn’t stop discussing and nerdily analyzing what the heck was in that magical bowl of goodness besides the obvious stardust, glitter and LIFE! The shaved ice hidden at the bottom is the ultimate surprise that brings the flavors of the roasted peaches, ice cream and toasted almonds all together.


Don’t forget to visit the Cafe downstairs for a slice of Hello Kitty cake or another one of their yummy pastries and a coffee to sip on while you sit in one of their funky cubicle like seating areas downstairs. So fun! There was tons of people on their laptops working or just hanging out with friends. All in all, I will definitely be going back to Commissary soon for another fun filled day.  Thank you Roy Choi for another one of a kind dining experience. You are nothing but a culinary visionary in my eyes!
Commissary @ The Line Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010


Having watched the movie Jobs the night before I heard of the passing of Robin Williams, I was left with one very nagging question.
Why are all these greats taken from us too early?
Storytellers, innovators, tech giants….
Robin Williams is an icon. His memory will live on through his work, touching generations for years and years to come….. inspiring new generations to rise up, affected by him and the vast characters he has brought to life.
Maybe this was his final masterpiece. Leaving this earth to allow for new storytellers and creatives to step forward. To be motivated by this loss; perpetuating his greatness.
It’s your move, chief.
If there was one thing Mr. Williams taught me, it’s to be bold. Be fearless. Throw caution to the wind and speak the words you want to say. In any way you want to say them.
So thank you dear sir. And may we never forget you.

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