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The Sweet Smells of My Dirty Dog


I’ve let JBear get dirty this month. Like SUPERRRR dirty. Just to get some idea on the gravity of the situation here are a few things J’s done this month to be awarded the title of “King Dirty of the Province of Smells.”

Gone diggin’ for bones in the backyard

Salivating after licking a new human friend for 3 minutes straight all over his face. A new record!

Proudly getting peed on by a rather beautiful German shepard at the dog park

Running through the sprinklers. Tracking mud all over mom’s white sheets. Yay!

Throwing up after eating too much grass and then promptly eating it back up.

What a life! You get it though. He’s a dirty boy and I’m a dirty owner for letting him go on so long. So after running away from the sounds of the bathtub for a rousing few minutes, I tracked his butt down and got him into the bath. He’s actually really calm when he’s getting scrubbed down and I rather like to think he secretly enjoys the warm water on his face and licking the water run brown from his own filth.


After the chaos is over and he’s been blowdried and combed and appears fluffier than ever…..I just always wonder one thing.

Is it super weird that I absolutely love the way my dog smells when he’s dirty? OH THE SMELLS. I MISS HIS SMELLS! The combination of where he’s been this month, what he’s gotten into and the people he’s encountered. It’s gross I know but that little spot between his eyes gets this distinctly sweet smell that can only be described as “the puppy smell.” It’s the smell of family. And now that the soap has covered it up, I can honestly say that I am sad.

Does that make me a weirdo or just a normal dog mom?

Diggin’ my Dirty Dog,



//Photo by Pablo Orrego//

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The Happenstance of My Wonder Rescue Dog


This is the story of a four year old four-legged creature who happened upon me this year in the most wonderful way. His name is Jesse, a firecracker of a boy. He’s half Tibetan terrier mixed with Lhasa Apso, two breeds I had never even heard before. Blended together they made my marvelous little piece of wonder bread.

I’ll start from the beginning. I was perusing on Facebook one night going through my feed, when I came across a picture one of my friends had posted with two adorable little puppies. The caption said “Fostering these little guys for a bit.” I was immediately intrigued. My first beautiful dog, Yorkie Coco who I got when I was 17 lived with my mom who Coco was totally obsessed with. I think from the beginning they were soul sisters. Both strong independent women. I remember even from the moment we picked her from a litter of three, my mom had this wonderful love and connection with Coco. They were the strength that I wasn’t yet.

I immediately messaged my friend and got info on the organization he was fostering through called Wags and Walks. The work they were doing was awesome. It pulled on my heartstrings just the right amount; I wanted to be involved in some way.

I wrote them an email that night signing up for their foster program. I thought, what the hell, if I can provide a temporary home for even one dog, potentially saving his/her life I will have done something good for someone other than myself. I was pumped.


And another. I figured maybe they didn’t need anymore help. Maybe they didn’t like the spontaneity of an actress’ schedule.

That following Sunday I planned to have a lazy day. I woke up late, made some coffee and turned the TV on in my sweatpants and 2 day old hair. I checked my email.


“Hi Ally. Got your foster app. Know this is last minute but we are having an adoption event today until 2 can you make it?” -Wags and Walks

Immediately, I thought no freaking way. I’m not driving all the way across town on a Sunday to get there before 2. It’s already 12:30!

Little did I know, an elderly couple across town would be coming to terms with potentially one of the hardest decisions they would have to make in their life. A sweet man would be packing up a box tearfully, his frail wife saying goodbye. A tail wagging with those “lets go somewhere!” eyes.

To this day, I still don’t understand and will probably never know why I decided to throw my pajamas off, throw a baseball cap on and drive to the adoption event. It’s not so crazy a thing I know, but it was definitely out of character for me.

When I got there, everything went pretty quick. I met one of the friendly volunteers for the org and I told her I wasn’t necessarily looking to jump into anything but if there ever was an easier dog (for beginners) I could ease my way into helping out more. She nodded and said that she wanted to introduce me to someone. He had literally been dropped off 45 minutes before I got there.

“This is Jesse.”

I turned to see this shy little grey ball of fur sitting by himself on the sidewalk.


His eyes had a certain sadness about them. They said they needed to find someone to foster him for a few days or he would have to go to a kennel and from there who knows where he would end up. I called his name.


He immediately came over and rubbed his butt against me like a cat (a trait that he is now known for). I laughed. What a funny dude! I took a seat right there in the middle of the sidewalk. He plopped right down next to me and laid his fluffy chin right on my leg. I had never felt more bonded to another living creature before in my life.

The rest is somewhat of a blur, I found myself signing some foster papers to watch him for a week, which turned into two, which turned into the decision to make him a permanent member of the family. From day one, he fit in so perfectly, like he was always meant to be there, like the last puzzle piece.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOn November 20, 2014 Jesse’s adoption was made official. It was an amazing day. We bought him a little American Apparel hoodie to celebrate. I could tell in Jesse’s eyes he knew what was going on and was happy.


About three weeks later, my grandma passed away. The greatest lady and pillar of strength in my life. I still can’t even think about it without losing it. Although she lived a long life of 90 years, death is something no one can ever really be prepared for and deal with normally. I sure couldn’t. In the days before and after her death, Jesse suited up and truly became my therapy dog. We grieved together.

It’s so cool to me to think that four years ago, this little guy was born somewhere out there in this great big world. I think back to where I was in my journey….Who would have ever thought the two of us would’ve ended up together? Life is a funny thing. Every day now I look up to the heavens and can’t help but think my grandma sent him to me. She knew his little fur face and wild spirit would continue to teach me things about myself long after she was gone.

That’s what pets do. They give life and unconditional love;  they teach you things about yourself you never knew.

Thanks Jesse for being my wild boy.


 Wildin’ Out With My Wonder Pup,