The Sweet Smells of My Dirty Dog


I’ve let JBear get dirty this month. Like SUPERRRR dirty. Just to get some idea on the gravity of the situation here are a few things J’s done this month to be awarded the title of “King Dirty of the Province of Smells.”

Gone diggin’ for bones in the backyard

Salivating after licking a new human friend for 3 minutes straight all over his face. A new record!

Proudly getting peed on by a rather beautiful German shepard at the dog park

Running through the sprinklers. Tracking mud all over mom’s white sheets. Yay!

Throwing up after eating too much grass and then promptly eating it back up.

What a life! You get it though. He’s a dirty boy and I’m a dirty owner for letting him go on so long. So after running away from the sounds of the bathtub for a rousing few minutes, I tracked his butt down and got him into the bath. He’s actually really calm when he’s getting scrubbed down and I rather like to think he secretly enjoys the warm water on his face and licking the water run brown from his own filth.


After the chaos is over and he’s been blowdried and combed and appears fluffier than ever…..I just always wonder one thing.

Is it super weird that I absolutely love the way my dog smells when he’s dirty? OH THE SMELLS. I MISS HIS SMELLS! The combination of where he’s been this month, what he’s gotten into and the people he’s encountered. It’s gross I know but that little spot between his eyes gets this distinctly sweet smell that can only be described as “the puppy smell.” It’s the smell of family. And now that the soap has covered it up, I can honestly say that I am sad.

Does that make me a weirdo or just a normal dog mom?

Diggin’ my Dirty Dog,



//Photo by Pablo Orrego//

Creative Commons

The Happenstance of My Wonder Rescue Dog


This is the story of a four year old four-legged creature who happened upon me this year in the most wonderful way. His name is Jesse, a firecracker of a boy. He’s half Tibetan terrier mixed with Lhasa Apso, two breeds I had never even heard before. Blended together they made my marvelous little piece of wonder bread.

I’ll start from the beginning. I was perusing on Facebook one night going through my feed, when I came across a picture one of my friends had posted with two adorable little puppies. The caption said “Fostering these little guys for a bit.” I was immediately intrigued. My first beautiful dog, Yorkie Coco who I got when I was 17 lived with my mom who Coco was totally obsessed with. I think from the beginning they were soul sisters. Both strong independent women. I remember even from the moment we picked her from a litter of three, my mom had this wonderful love and connection with Coco. They were the strength that I wasn’t yet.

I immediately messaged my friend and got info on the organization he was fostering through called Wags and Walks. The work they were doing was awesome. It pulled on my heartstrings just the right amount; I wanted to be involved in some way.

I wrote them an email that night signing up for their foster program. I thought, what the hell, if I can provide a temporary home for even one dog, potentially saving his/her life I will have done something good for someone other than myself. I was pumped.


And another. I figured maybe they didn’t need anymore help. Maybe they didn’t like the spontaneity of an actress’ schedule.

That following Sunday I planned to have a lazy day. I woke up late, made some coffee and turned the TV on in my sweatpants and 2 day old hair. I checked my email.


“Hi Ally. Got your foster app. Know this is last minute but we are having an adoption event today until 2 can you make it?” -Wags and Walks

Immediately, I thought no freaking way. I’m not driving all the way across town on a Sunday to get there before 2. It’s already 12:30!

Little did I know, an elderly couple across town would be coming to terms with potentially one of the hardest decisions they would have to make in their life. A sweet man would be packing up a box tearfully, his frail wife saying goodbye. A tail wagging with those “lets go somewhere!” eyes.

To this day, I still don’t understand and will probably never know why I decided to throw my pajamas off, throw a baseball cap on and drive to the adoption event. It’s not so crazy a thing I know, but it was definitely out of character for me.

When I got there, everything went pretty quick. I met one of the friendly volunteers for the org and I told her I wasn’t necessarily looking to jump into anything but if there ever was an easier dog (for beginners) I could ease my way into helping out more. She nodded and said that she wanted to introduce me to someone. He had literally been dropped off 45 minutes before I got there.

“This is Jesse.”

I turned to see this shy little grey ball of fur sitting by himself on the sidewalk.


His eyes had a certain sadness about them. They said they needed to find someone to foster him for a few days or he would have to go to a kennel and from there who knows where he would end up. I called his name.


He immediately came over and rubbed his butt against me like a cat (a trait that he is now known for). I laughed. What a funny dude! I took a seat right there in the middle of the sidewalk. He plopped right down next to me and laid his fluffy chin right on my leg. I had never felt more bonded to another living creature before in my life.

The rest is somewhat of a blur, I found myself signing some foster papers to watch him for a week, which turned into two, which turned into the decision to make him a permanent member of the family. From day one, he fit in so perfectly, like he was always meant to be there, like the last puzzle piece.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOn November 20, 2014 Jesse’s adoption was made official. It was an amazing day. We bought him a little American Apparel hoodie to celebrate. I could tell in Jesse’s eyes he knew what was going on and was happy.


About three weeks later, my grandma passed away. The greatest lady and pillar of strength in my life. I still can’t even think about it without losing it. Although she lived a long life of 90 years, death is something no one can ever really be prepared for and deal with normally. I sure couldn’t. In the days before and after her death, Jesse suited up and truly became my therapy dog. We grieved together.

It’s so cool to me to think that four years ago, this little guy was born somewhere out there in this great big world. I think back to where I was in my journey….Who would have ever thought the two of us would’ve ended up together? Life is a funny thing. Every day now I look up to the heavens and can’t help but think my grandma sent him to me. She knew his little fur face and wild spirit would continue to teach me things about myself long after she was gone.

That’s what pets do. They give life and unconditional love;  they teach you things about yourself you never knew.

Thanks Jesse for being my wild boy.


 Wildin’ Out With My Wonder Pup,



let's get haunted

Halloween is hands down one of my favorite holidays! It’s a yearly tradition with my friends to go to the Haunted Hayride and have a pumpkin carving competition and this year was no exception. We had such a blast!!!! Here’s some pics from our night.

P.S. My pumpkin won 1st place. BOOYAH.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset       FullSizeRender (3)
I love my friends so much. Including this skinless lady who took a liking to me at the hayride. Shoutout to my skinless biatch!!
Processed with VSCOcam with 6 presetHow rad is Trav’s Altuzarra trench coat??? In the words of Nick Jonas, “it’s my right to be JEALOUS.”
                                                                                    apple cider            
FullSizeRender (2)
Davey made us a bomb hot apple cider with whipped cream. Dead.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Our final three entries.


Do you like my men’s pumpkin jail entry? Jail wouldn’t be so bad if I shared a cell with The Rock, Fallon, the Hoff, and Colton……
IMG_2403Strong powerful women on the outside. Get it!
Dave’s ode to a minion.
IMG_2406Colt wins for presentation.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI still don’t have a costume guys!!! Welp! Send me ideas? Love you!!

from greenhouse to table

photo (20)

This Sunday I was finally able to check something off of my lengthy (and getting lengthier by the days…) “To Do” List by dining at the new garden rooftop restaurant Commissary from chef Roy Choi. Roy is quickly becoming one of my favorite chefs due to his rather inventive and fun dining experiences. I was first hooked when I ate at Pot, a Korean hot pot spot turned on its heels and his original restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel. I met up with my best friend David at the Line Hotel in K-Town and we had a chic yet simple lunch inspired by fresh ingredients and surrounded by “oh so adorable” decor in this Instagram ready greenhouse.
Really. I dare you not to take an Instagram while you’re here.

photo (28)IMG_4854



photo (22)
The menu is fun and quirky. Roy clearly states that he wants the experience to almost be like a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” by randomly picking singular ingredients that will act as the star of the dish, without knowing what the chef will actually create with them. David and I are really bad with options, but after a quick chat with our waitress who literally (and impressively!) knew every single description of every ingredient, we got a little cheat sheet explanation and ended up choosing Deviled Eggs, Asparagus, and The Burger and Fries. All were amazing. Next time I want to try RadishScallops, and Corn (which apparently is the bestseller). I have to say surprisingly, that the deviled eggs were an absolute standout. They were phenomenal.

deviled eggs

photo (24)

 The asparagus was perfectly cooked and drizzled with a tangy kale dressing and fresh parmesan cheese. Deliciouso!! The burger was Kobe beef with arugula and jam spread. Enough said.
The dessert we chose was the Stone Fruit choice. It was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted and we were both left wanting more. I couldn’t stop discussing and nerdily analyzing what the heck was in that magical bowl of goodness besides the obvious stardust, glitter and LIFE! The shaved ice hidden at the bottom is the ultimate surprise that brings the flavors of the roasted peaches, ice cream and toasted almonds all together.


Don’t forget to visit the Cafe downstairs for a slice of Hello Kitty cake or another one of their yummy pastries and a coffee to sip on while you sit in one of their funky cubicle like seating areas downstairs. So fun! There was tons of people on their laptops working or just hanging out with friends. All in all, I will definitely be going back to Commissary soon for another fun filled day.  Thank you Roy Choi for another one of a kind dining experience. You are nothing but a culinary visionary in my eyes!
Commissary @ The Line Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010


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Hi guys!
It’s been a minute but I am so happy to be back blogging. First off, did anyone see that beautiful harvest moon last night? It seriously took my breath away. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the moon that radiant or full in the sky. Definitely a sight to be seen.
On another note, I just started a new novel and wanted to quickly blog about it. For years, people have told me to dive into Murakami’s books and I’ve always had little interest simply because I have a bad habit of being a “back of book synopsis” girl. I read it and if it doesn’t instantly hook me, I move on. Murakami’s synopsis’ were a mess for me; I was always left never having a clue what the book was actually about. I quickly realized upon starting his latest, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, that this is the beauty of Murakami’s writing. You’re not supposed to know, nor are you supposed to feel any sort of resolution by the end. Which, of course, is already frustrating impatient lil’ me!
I’ve barely reached 1/4 in, but I’m already hooked. The premise seems simple: a man on a quest to figure out why his four inseparable best friends of many years one day stop all contact with him without so much as a whisper to a reason why. He spends most of his life forever changed, troubled by haunting dreams and a “journey into the past that is necessary to mend the present” (taken from synopsis).
There’s something about his simple writing style that is so odd, yet at the same time strangely relatable, that I can’t stop turning the page. I’m excited to read more. If anyone’s planning on starting it tweet me or comment below (at the very bottom) and let’s read together!! Also, any suggestions on which of his books to read next?
Love you guys!!!

xx, ally

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with x1 preset
What I’m wearing:
Sweater: Free People
Skirt: Forever 21
Watch: Gruen
Shoes: Leila Stone

Photography by: TGraham


My August Favorites

☮   ☮      ☮   ☮     ☮        ☮   ☮   

  • LIPS

IMG_4330SEPHORA’S Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Cranberry Luster
I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red shade for what seems like an eternity. In love with this product. Makes my lips feel silky smooth and oh so pretty!!!
IMG_4320Dino approved.
  • DIY


DIY: Lanyard Keychains
Is it totally nerdy to start a lanyard making craft club?? WHO’S IN?? Cause I’m down for any sort of crafty business. #lanyardclub
  • tech stuff


IMG_4342 (1)IMG_4341 (1)

Fun Creature USB Ports
How could you not love a little creature toy guy that turns into a useful gadget when you pop his adorable head off?
(This one’s made by LINE Friends)

ombre sneakers
Wild Ombrcolored sneaks
If I can’t have ombre in my hair, then why not have it on my sneakers? One look at these wild brights and I’m all pumped up to go to the gym.
  • bags bags and bags!

IMG_4336 (1)IMG_4340Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The Walk Bag


B3My uber talented cousin Brianna Honkawa D’Estries designed this fav……and she’s only 17!!! She’s such a sweetheart and gave me one last time I saw her and I love the crap out of it. The bright funky colors and functional shape and pockets make it the perfect Boho chic bag to rock when you’re on the go. Best part is, every single bag is 100% handmade by craftswomen in Vietnam making each one completely unique. Here’s the link to her Etsy shop to get one of your own: Book River Etsy Shop I’m going to have her guest blog on here in a few weeks so ya’ll can get a taste of her amazing style and talents. So proud of this one!
Miss Bee BeeYou can check out Brianna’s blog full of cute vegan recipes and crafty ideas here- Walkotws Blog


Rob Lowe’s book: “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”
Without a doubt one of my favorite reads EVER. Whether you are in the industry or not, there is much to be learned from Rob’s incessantly entertaining and autobiographical accounts of his life as an actor. After the last page, I felt like I was BFFS with Mr. Lowe.

☮   ☮      ☮   ☮      ☮         ☮   ☮  

That’s it for August guys! I love you all. Gonna try and make this “favorites” list a monthly thing so keep checking back. And if you have any favs you’d like to share please comment below or tweet/insta me. <3



Having watched the movie Jobs the night before I heard of the passing of Robin Williams, I was left with one very nagging question.
Why are all these greats taken from us too early?
Storytellers, innovators, tech giants….
Robin Williams is an icon. His memory will live on through his work, touching generations for years and years to come….. inspiring new generations to rise up, affected by him and the vast characters he has brought to life.
Maybe this was his final masterpiece. Leaving this earth to allow for new storytellers and creatives to step forward. To be motivated by this loss; perpetuating his greatness.
It’s your move, chief.
If there was one thing Mr. Williams taught me, it’s to be bold. Be fearless. Throw caution to the wind and speak the words you want to say. In any way you want to say them.
So thank you dear sir. And may we never forget you.

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ally maki

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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ally maki b & w

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Photography by T.Graham



my pastaglamour shot with pasta

Hey summer kids. This is part of a new series of posts that I’ve titled “LAZY GIRL RECIPES” after my passion of NOT cooking. I am a lazy chef. When I think of going to the store, gathering all the ingredients (spending half my life savings on organic), hauling them out of the car, washing them, prepping, peeling, chopping, processing, heating, baking, searing, cooling (the food and MYSELF it’s so DARN HOT I’M SWEATING), plating (how the hell do you make food look photoshoot ready?), and serving it is enough to scare me out of cooking for anyone EVER. And on top of that, I then have to eat it in the company of friends and look semi cute? Too. Much.
So, I’ve put together some fun ideas if you’re like me and just want simple, creative meals that aren’t totally lackluster. This one was adapted from a Food Network recipe that I tweaked to make easier. I can’t tell you how incredibly proud I was of myself for making my own tomato sauce from scratch! This is unheard of for me.
It’s all about pushing boundaries people! Cooking isn’t in my wheelhouse of special skills, but this year it’s all about challenging myself, so here we go.
Bon appetit!
xx, ally
basil picking

Fresh basil is one of my favorite things in the world.

In the grocery basket:
2 lbs of fresh tomatoes (I used a mixture of larger vine and cherry)
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 red onion finely chopped
3 garlic cloves
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon fresh thyme
Pinch of chili flakes
1/2 box of angel hair pasta
1/4 cup chopped basil + a few whole sprigs for garnish

fun ingredients


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

1. Get two large pots.
1st pot: bring water to a boil.
2nd pot: fill with water and ice to create an “icebath”
Sounds weird, just do it.
2. Cut a small “x” on the bottom of each tomato. Tedious, but do it.
3. The dreaded ICEBATH!
This was the step that freaked me out. It sounds harder and way more extensive than it really is. Trust me, so easy…and actually sort of fun. I felt like I was giving little babies baths!
In batches, place the tomatoes in the boiling water (blanching them) for about 30 seconds-1 min, or until you see the skins are peeling off.
Remove and quick like fire, plunge them into the ice bath! Repeat until all the tomatoes are done. You’re basically trying to get them soft so the skins are easily removable.

boiled tomatoesice bath for tomatoes



chopped tomatoes4. Peel the tomatoes and cut them in half horizontally (not from the stem down, cut into the middle and across). Squeeze out the seeds. Dig in there kids and get them all!!
5. Now that they are peeled and seeded, you can chop them up and set them aside for now.
Insider secret: If you are REALLY LAZY, you can skip all this and just use canned tomatoes. But honestly, it tastes 10,000 times better when you make it fresh.



wash your veggieschop chopIMG_3022

6. Bring a saute pan to medium heat. Add olive oil.
7. Once hot and sizzly, add your onions and garlic (the sweetest combination known to mankind) and saute for roughly 2 minutes.
8. Add thyme and chili flakes. Wait until garlic starts to get all golden browny.
9. Now, little chefs add your tomatoes and sugar. Stir. Lower the temp and cook for 15 minutes, or until the sauce is pretty dry.

almost there


10. Boil your pasta in salted water! I’m pretty stoked about how my pasta came out. I just followed the darn directions on the box and cooked my angel hair for 4 minutes on the dot and they came out perfectly al dente. Experiment with yours as each brand is probably different. I taste tested a noodle virtually every 30 seconds like a crazy person to make sure they were perfect. Hah!


Put it all together. This is where your creativity comes in. Pick a pretty pasta bowl. Garnish with your basil and maybe even some grated parmesan! Invite friends or skeptics who didn’t think you would ever make your own pasta sauce from scratch and make them eat your concoction…..and then rub it into their faces.

basil tomato pasta

Love you guys. Comment below with any ideas for other yummy summer foods or recipes. What do you like to cook?

IMG_3041setting the tablecolt dinner partyplating the steakally tomato sauce

My New Favorite Summer Drink

photo 1 (15)photo 1 (15)photo 1 (15)

♥ ♥ ♥

Hi my healthy little summer lovelies!!!

Found my new summer drink…..and it’s both non-alcoholic (shockingly) and way too healthy (annoyingly). And before you ask, no one paid me to say this. I just really liked this drink. May I introduce the: Health-Ade Kombucha

… BEET flavor.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. I ain’t drinking no beets, bitch!! But seriously if you are a fan of kombucha drinks, you will love this drink! And if you’ve never tried one and are being stubborn little Sally’s then suck it up and try it. This is a great one for first timers. The beet flavor is ever so slight giving the juice an overall sweet flavor, with a hint of earthiness. And the sparkling water makes it nice and bubbly. I swear it tastes like a healthy soda.

All the ingredients are organic, raw, natural, vegan, gluten-free & kosher (okay, we get it this product is basically saving lives, jeeesh!) and the produce used is all from local farmers. To top it off, the packaging is so freaking adorable! The glass bottles are actually UV-protective and made from amber, giving it that pretty color. I’m saving mine to use as a water bottle!

Trust me,  I wouldn’t stray you guys wrong.

xx, ally

Other flavors include:

 Pink Lady Apple, Plum, Cayenne Cleanse, The Original, Ginger Lemon, and Carrot.

Has anyone else tried these? Let me know!

ally maki


Malibu Essentials
I recently spent some time in Malibu staying at my aunt and uncle’s house in the hills overlooking PCH. It was such an incredible time. Malibu has it’s own unique character and way of life that I could seriously get used to living here one day permanently. Here are a few of my favorite things that I packed for my beach filled week!
xx, ally


one piece swimsuit
I am so into one-pieces right now! They are a great piece to easily transition from the beach straight to a walk on the promenade. Just throw some cute jean shorts on over for an instant outfit!

one piece malibu

smashbox o-glosseasy read
A makeup artist on set recently used Smashbox’s O-GLOSS on my lips before a scene and I fell in love with the product. It makes your lips look clean, fresh, and with just the right amount of gloss to look sun kissed and summer-fied.
Whenever I go to the beach, I tote along a read that is easy and massively entertaining. Such is Emily Giffen’s novel “Something Blue.” SO MUCH FUN DRAMA!!!!! Definitely a great read if you’re looking to fall into a twisted sort of love story told from the POV of a rather unconventional narrator: the self-centered narcissist. Check out page one below and note Giffen’s lovable and fun writing style, mirroring a sort of stream of consciousness straight from the thoughts of a woman — it’s like she’s IN MY BRAIN! —-

Something Blue

bikiniEOS Lipbalm

 Why bring one swimsuit when you can bring two?
So in love with the twisted bandeau tops of this season. Not only can you find them in all sorts of fun fabrics, I also happen to find them inherently flattering on most body types. The top can serve double purpose as a cute bra top under a tank as well!
Moving on to SPF. Although we got our gloss on, SPF is so incredibly important. So, while sunscreen is not featured on the list, I cannot stress enough how important it is. I’ve always been extra cautious ever since a friend told me that her dad- who was a stickler about putting sunscreen on everyday – got diagnosed with skin cancer on his EARS. It was the one place he never thought to protect! (He’s alright now, don’t worry.)
Ladies, skin cancer is never sexy so slather up – and don’t forget those lips and ears!

MAC Prep+Prime

 Great little thing to bring along with you on a hot day. Mac’s Prep + Prime Powder works great over a face of makeup to create a silky finished look and help reduce those pesky pores. If I’m heading to the beach, I’ll usually just moisturize (with an SPF lotion of course) and then throw this on a bare face and head out the door. Helps keep you shine free throughout the day!

makeup bag

This floral makeup bag is the perfect size to serve as a pseudo purse for your day out at the beach. Because of its plastic lining, its safe around the water and sand. So next time, leave the purse at home and bring along a little goodie bag that’s light and no fuss.
You can never go wrong with a pair of Ray-Ban aviators. I have literally had these bad boys for about five years and they are still always in style.

hairbow sandals

I am so in love with this fun find from Aldo. Who says your feet can’t be absolutely adorable even at the beach?

That’s it! Love you guys. Comment below your favorite beach essentials and also if there’s any places in Malibu you’ve hit up that you know and love! (I def want to go back.) 🙂





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