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Dear Reader,

It is with excitement that I present to you my new blog. It is a place designed for you to read snippets on my ever so changing world, with stories based on real experiences and things I’ve learned through out my life. I wanted to have a place where I could share with you. The funny stuff. What I’ve learned. Embarrassing moments.

Stories are a beautiful thing. Some are passed down from our ancestors, some create a greater understanding of humanity, while others can simply serve as a laugh between friends. They can be interpreted in virtually anyway amongst humankind. They’re pretty downright awesome.

The loss of my beloved grandma Miyo (who lived so fully to the age of 90!) this year completely rocked me. While I hang on to small mementos, scarves that still smell like her and little PTA pins she wore in the 50’s, her stories are what will live on forever. The stories she told me of growing up in war time and being interned during World War II as a 16 year old Japanese American teenage girl. Working as a child on the family farm and living and sustaining completely off of the earth and fruits of their labor. Her first date in the 40’s with my Poppa at the school social dancing the night away on a broken ankle. Stories passed down even earlier from her mother, Maki, whom I was named after. These are the things I will always remember. Stories I will tell my kids someday. 

So let’s keep sharing and keep them alive.

Share your story. Make your mark.

Ally Maki