I’m Going To Asia with My Girl Chloe Bennet!!!

You guys!!!!

Taken by Melly Lee

Taken by Melly Lee


So darn tootin’ excited to share with you all that I’m going to be in Asia for the next TWO WEEKS! My girl and former roomie Chloe Bennet, who you probably know as Skye from “Agents of Shield”, officially used her earthquake powers on me a couple weeks ago when she shattered my world by asking if I wanted to go to China with her. I promptly freaked the f out and said YES. DUH YES!!!! We decided to extend our trip and hit up Tokyo after since I am Japanese and have sadly never been to explore my roots. I have actually never been to Asia period. It works out perfect that we both get to see our cultures (Chloe’s half Chinese). It’s going to be crazyyyy.

This will be us for sure. Courtesy of giphy.com

This will be us for sure. Courtesy of giphy.com


Throughout the next two weeks, I am going to be posting on here our little adventures through Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Tokyo so check back often. I’ll be posting pictures of WonderCon (which Chloe will be at so come meet her!), our idiot like tendencies as our characters Mel and Gina (if you don’t know yet, get ready). and of course LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOOOOOOD. We plan on getting really plump off of ramen and sushi while we’re there so hopefully you recognize me when you get back. It’s not likely. I may have to adopt the nickname MSG-Maki.

Alright guys, I gotta go pack a life’s worth of clothes and shoes into one mid sized luggage, so wish me luck. I am really…really bad at packing. Really.

Peace and see you guys in ASIA!!!!!

It’s Bout to Get Real,


4 Comments on I’m Going To Asia with My Girl Chloe Bennet!!!

  1. UMMMM CAN WE HANG OUT IN TOKYO? I promise I’m not crazy. Plus I’ll even tell you the best ramen places 😉

  2. Yuri Cohen says:

    it’s easy to pack for two weeks… don’t overdo it, just take a few sets of clothes and launder on the go. you’ll be alright!

  3. Jasmine Kitterman says:

    Where can we find these magical tickets to WonderCon/ is it in Shanghai?!

  4. Barbara says:

    Oh, I wish I live in Asia right now 🙁 Have fun you two!! Love you both xoxo

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